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Cropped top & Pants – YOUNGHUNGRYFREE

Photos by Harald Harold.

Have been wanting to do an all white outfit for the longest time but i just never seem to be able to find the perfect pair of white pants until now… Jumped on the chance to get this pair here from Younghungryfree the moment i saw it and i have never been more glad. I am also recently *quite* crazy about cropped tops. Speaking of which, i came across so many cropped tops on Nastygal earlier on but i had to contemplate about getting them because most of them honestly only look good on bustier girls…. Sigh woes of a small chested girl. Anyone feel me too yes??!?!!

This has actually been on the top of my list of why i feel so insecure sometimes. I mean being small chested makes you look skinnier, makes you look less slutty even when you’re scantily clad (hahaha), looks ok from most angles, and you can actually fit into all sorts of clothes BUT whether or not you look good in certain clothes is another thing. More than often, i wish i had more boobs to fill my low cut clothes.

It might sound silly to some but it really affected me. Plus i am sure everyone knows my love for backless dresses and tops, and low cut stuffs (oh i love them sfm but wait why are all the nice dresses and tops have such plunging neckline?!) so it will actually be really great if i could i go bra-less? I know there is stick-on bras to give that extra support but wouldn’t it be awesome if you don’t need it?!!! Right?! Right.

I hate how every time when i tell people about this, they will usually just laugh at me sigh but why?!! Hey all you well-endowed girls will never understand the pain and insecurities that we go through k…. But that being said, i have come to terms slightly that this is how it is and nobody is perfect (ugh no stop Miranda Kerr is perf) and i am still good in my own ways and i will find someone who will love me just the way i am. And this applies to all of you reading this and feeling the same way as i do! There were so many times i cried and got so upset because i felt that i wasn’t good enough overall but i will always wipe my tears and remind myself that i’m worth more than that and it is true.

I have come to realisation that no one should ever make you feel inferior. I am also so tired of all that comparisons people have on me (or on others). Isn’t it damn sad to judge and compete nonstop with another?! It is easy to be stuck, and allowing all that insecurities consume you but just remember your worth… At least that is what i do, and i constantly remind myself that each time i feel depressed. It is not easy though, but am definitely working on it… I think.

Not sure how i ended up talking about boobs, the one thing i’ve never thought i will share my thoughts on here and then about my insecurities but yeah. Ok la back to feeling insecure about my figure and looks, i admit that if i can, i would totally do anything i.e plastic surgery to change the things i dislike about myself. I won’t do it right now because it is more like a want and not a need. Call me superficial but honestly, which girl is not?

Don’t bullshit me about things like guys only like natural girls because if girl A went under the knife but is hot af, anyone will die to still hit on her. It is only then people will say things like “I love her not because she is hot but because she is a really nice person/ she makes me smile yada yada shit”. Same goes for a girl who is not that good looking but has a personality that is 10/10, chances for someone to hit on her is slimmer because most will not even take a second look. I feel that that is just real sad and it pisses me off so bad because people always say looks doesn’t matter at all but in actual fact, PLEASE they do. I am not saying red carpet stunning looks but being pleasant looking helps. There is a saying – 世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人 (there are no ugly women in the world, only the lazy ones) and i cannot agree more. This applies to guys too. Putting in the effort to doll yourself up and look presentable already says so much about you. It is not just about being vain, but also being respectful. To yourself and to others. Is that not true?

ANYWAY, not sure how i sidetracked so much and ended up talking about these again. Gah, i should stop. As you can see my thought process is a little haywire….? Hope you enjoyed reading though hahaha. Back to Nastygal now!