Just realised how long i haven’t been doing mini updates over here so here you go…


Beanie from @vetement_sg

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Fun fact: I can live on cereals. No kidding. I can have it all day and night and i will still crave for it. My favourites currently are the Post Banana Nut Crunch and Strawbie Honey Bunches hehehe

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My love for korean food…. Kimchi tofu stew especially, yum. Anyone knows of any good korean restaurants around?

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The other day when Z went seafood hunting and we had a mini oysters and lobster feast. I love oysters. So much!!!! It was also the first time i witness how people actually shuck oysters and i realised it is no easy feat man… If you’re on my Snapchat, you’d have seen how Z did it. It was so tedious and dangerous??! Like you will get a cut from the oyster shells or knife anytime, and because we ain’t pros, it took quite a while to open all of them hahaha. Anyway, feel free to add me up on Snapchat (@itsfranxcesca)! I usually post my foodporn though hee #gluttonforlife

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My Saturday brunch outfit at Salt Grill & Sky Bar! Red bralet c/o Pinkaisle!


Nothing beats having a meal with a gorgeous view. Salt Grill & Sky Bar now offers brunch from 11am – 2pm. It’s about $40++ for a main, sides and juice! Huuuuge portion i must say.

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And have you guys check out Fatty Paws yet?!! Here’s me and the cutest toy poodle omg i just wanna squish and kiss and give it a fat hug hahaha.

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The prettiest baby husky. This lil one is sold already though! I am glad it found a new home :)

So hows November doing for everyone so far? It’s mostly just photo shoots, emails, and a couple of events here and there for me currently and no, no, I’m not complaining about this routine at all but i just feel really unproductive recently. Haven’t been feeling very well for the past couple of weeks as well and i blame the cranky weather for that. It sucks to be sick so remember to cosy up guys!