Was invited to fly down to Kuala Lumpur last week for a new fashion-fitness reality TV series – Fit for Fashion, brought to us by Fitness First and the creators of Asia’s Biggest Loser and The Contender Asia, Imagine Group. The show will see 12 ordinary women and men come together in one spectacular location; to be transformed into confident, stylish and extraordinary human beings, ready to face their ultimate challenges, and change their lives forever. Each week, the contestants will be put through gruelling challenges and someone will be eliminated every week until only one winner is left who will ultimately walk away with a USD100,000!

I was thrilled when i was asked if i would be interested to attend this event because… Firstly, i am a huge fan of Fitness First (am a proud member!). Secondly, fashion-fitness reality show means it’s gonna be like America’s Next Top Model but with the fitness element and oh boy, all the drama that’s gonna be in the show… I wouldn’t miss that definitely. And lastly, i will never give up a chance to get out of Singapore. Hee.

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Checked into JW Marriot and was welcomed by this huge, fluffy bed!


Changed out of my airport outfit and off i go to Troika Sky Dining with all the other media influencers from other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia, and of course with the talented people behind this reality show and the really inspiring New You winners. Blue romper c/o Neon Mello :)


Really like this artwork i saw on the wall! How many times have we missed out on real conversations just because we were too occupied with using our phones?


Had a great time during dinner not only because the food was really good (especially the strawberry panna cotta!), but because of the company too! I had a chance to talk to a few really inspiring New You winners on how they overcome their own personal challenges be it mentally and/or physically and came out even stronger. It was so fun listening to their stories on how they transformed from being super duper unfit and unmotivated to who they are right now – Healthy, strong and inspiring beings.


Just some of the New You winners! The tallest dude you see on the right, Ar, who is from Thailand, just recently completed a 100km marathon in South Pole. Really, really respecting him and all the others. Just wanna say… If you guys ever read this, i’m soooo proud and happy for all of you! Thank you so much for sharing all your stories with me, they will always serve as a reminder to me that nothing is impossible.


And of course, how i can not take a picture with the CEO of Fitness First, Mr Simon Flint and the CEO of Imagine Group, the guy who made Fit for Fashion possible, Mr Riaz Mehta.


Heh then it was time for bed but first lemme take a selfie :D


Up bright and early the next day for the media launch and screening at the Pavilion!


Are these excuses familiar to you…?


The group of this year’s New You winners! Each and every one of them with a different life story. Wish i had more time to talk to all of them…


We have the host, Louise Roe (not in attendance), one of world’s best trainers, Mitch Chilson and Christine Bullock and not forgetting fashion photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler as the judges in Fit for Fashion!


It’s a pity we didn’t manage to see all 12 contestants during the media launch. Here are just some of them together with the judges.


Here’s a sneak of what you can expect from Fit for Fashion, the new TV reality show where fitness meets fashion. I caught the first episode of the show after the media launch and i love it!!! I didn’t think i would enjoy it so much but i really like it. If you’re a fan of America’s Next Top Model and all that d r a m a then i’m pretty sure you’ll like this show too! Fit for Fashion is coming to you on October 16, on Star World. Remember to mark your calendars! :)


A shot of me with my pretty chaperone, Angie! Thank you for having me!!! So glad to have you with me (i’m the only singaporean influencer for this event so yessss without her i would probably be so lonely) and so thankful that we were able to click together! <3

Stay tuned for my next post where i will reveal my Q & A session with trainers, Mitch Chilson and Christine Bullock. If you’re wondering how they keep so motivated and fit? What are their daily exercise regime like? What are their diet tips and tricks? Then remember to check back!
See you on October 16, Star World!