#visitKyushu 0.2

30 November 2017

Hi lovelies! I hope you guys enjoyed my previous post on Kyushu and as promised, here’s the second part of my trip where I’m going to share a little on what I ate and where I stayed! I was there for only 4 days but we were trying to cover the whole of Kyushu (from one end to another) by train within that 4 days, which explains why we stayed in different hotels despite it being such a short trip.

Are you the kind of traveller who likes to see as much as possible during your trip or are you the chill one who goes without any itinerary or plans? I would say, most of the time, I’m more like the latter. I like to travel and take in whatever that comes along but I’m also super thankful for friends who can plan the itinerary really well, heh!

Read on and enjoy the little video clip that we shot at the bottom which basically shows our entire trip as well! :)











So… that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this Kyushu’s photo diary and a nicely put-together video and find them helpful while you plan your trip to Kyushu! It was so much fun watching back what Jolene and I did and I honestly can’t wait to go back to Japan! One of my favourite country, fo’ sure!


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#visitKyushu 0.1

22 November 2017

Hi, you guys! Gosh, I just realised it has been close to a year since my last post… Time really does fly by so fast! If you’re reading this, thank you for coming back despite my radio silence for the past year! It took me a long while to decide how I should share about my recent Kyushu trip and I’ve decided that I should put in more effort and come up with something different, something more fun to read for you guys so here you go! A photo-diary style of blogging – I hope you guys enjoy this :)













It was my first time in Kyushu and boy, was it memorable! I’m glad that I did this with Jolene too! She’s sucha joy to travel with! I’ll be sharing Part 2 of my Kyushu trip soon and it will focus on what to eat and accommodation so stay tuned for that! Very excited to share that because food is life!!! Amirite? It is honestly the most important part of every trip that I take, heh!

Do also slide your comments into my Instagram DMs or on my posts on what you think about this post, if I should come back to blogging fo’ real, and if so, what you would like me to blog about and also, your travel plans this holiday!!! I’d love to know xx

So till then,
xoxo, Francesca

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