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18 April 2016

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Suede Jacket – And Well Dressed | White Crop Top – Young Hungry Free | Denim Shorts – One Teaspoon via Revolve | Cap – Anti Social Social Club

Photos by Ryan

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1 April 2016

Truth to be told, I was feeling all kinds of excitement when I was told that I’m going to be “a bride for one day”! With so many friends around me slowly getting married, I often wondered how my wedding would be like… You know from the gowns, to the shoot, to the actual day and all that nitty gritty planning in between.

But never have I ever thought that wearing an actual wedding gown will make me feel like a princess of my own fairytale. I know it’s cheesy, it’s not exactly my kind of thing but somehow The Louvre Bridal made it felt kinda special for me albeit the crazy shoot under the blistering heat. It’s no wonder they are nominated as one of the top 5 bridals in Singapore!

Catch me here with some of the behind-the-scenes shots and a video at the end! :)

B01 B02

The Louvre Bridal handpicked their signature gowns for me from their upcoming collection, “La Floraison”, which actually means blossoming in French! I also got to try on their famous Korean Designer Gowns that have yet to be launched. With soft hues and floral designs, the gowns really screamed romance in all ways possible.

I had the opportunity to work with this gorgeous Korean baby face as my “groom” in his suits from Korea and I didn’t know what to expect, and how it was going to be like shooting with a male model that I just met but I’m glad it all worked out perfectly! I believe it was also because we had a pretty fun Thematic Concept Shoot with all the props and styling set up for us, so we both kinda just got into the mood and clicked!

B03 B05

It was interesting to know that so much work actually goes into the planning and set up of a pre-wedding shoot. Definitely no easy feat but The Louvre Bridal got it all covered! What’s more, they are capable of helping you style the whole set up accordingly to what you have in mind and on top of that you can have a variety of concepts to choose from! Well… Can I get a white horse next time pretty please? :)

Selected002 Selected006 Selected009
Selected020 Selected021

One of my favourite set up got to be the “Vespa Getaway” theme! How cute and happy is this whole look?!

Selected033 Selected041Selected055

I really liked the swing too! Seen it so many times on the TV and on magazines since I was little and I’ve never actually thought that I will get to sit on one myself.

Selected067 Selected077

There were so many setups that left me spoilt for choice from the “Whispers of Blooms” theme. Besides the swing, I also got to be in the pictures with flower arch and hanging maison jars just like pictures we all see on Pinterest!





After getting to know a bit more on how The Louvre Bridal and pre-wedding shoots work, I believe that you can do your pre-wedding shoots anywhere and everywhere but having a theme and concept in mind is very important. Afterall, this shoot is going to be so memorable for you and your partner. You guys will look back at the photos some years later and still be reminded of all those memories and promises, sweat and laughters shared. So of course you need to put in some effort and do a good one, right?

And to spread the love on, for those who also wants to experience the fun and adventurous “Thematic Concepts Shoot” with The Louvre Bridal, you will get to enjoy special perks when you quote my name “itsfranxcesca” to enjoy special perks! This promotion will be valid from 1st April 2016 to 30th June 2016.

To be honest, I can’t wait to wear that white dress again, but this time with a whole new deeper meaning with the right person by my side. :)


Credits Pictures to Main Organizer: The Louvre Bridal

Here’s a short behind-the-scene video for you guys, enjoy!

Instagram: @thelouvrebridal

Special thanks to all contributing vendors –

Flowers: Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape Pte Ltd
Vespa Sidecar: Little Tiffany Blue
Makeup & Hairdo: Autelier Makeup
Videography: Dumarks Productions
Balloons: Merry Studio
Nails: Hua Yi Fang

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