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31 December 2015


Before I even know it, 2015 is finally over. I say this time and time again but still, it honestly scares me to know how fast time flies. Reflecting over this year, I wouldn’t say 2015 has been the best year ever but am glad for all the opportunities that I have come across, the people I have met and the friends that I have lost.

I am ever thankful to all the brands and companies that I’ve work with this year, the people I have met through work and during my travels, and while I’m sad to say that I have lost a dear friend along the way but through this, I have also come to realisation that people come and go, and only the ones who are real and truly matters will stay by you.

Unfortunate matter aside, I am happy. And I am so excited for the new year! Looking forward to an even more accomplished year, more travels, deeper friendships and love. A year older, a year wiser.

Happy 2016 everyone! Sending love to each and everyone of you <3


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28 December 2015

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Never had much thoughts about bell bottom jeans before but after seeing so many celebrities donning in it, I started to realised that I might actually like it and really, really want to try this look myself. Bell bottoms are perfect for creating that elongated look and they are so flattering in every way! These are from Tularosa via Revolve Clothing and I’m so glad (and relieved since I always have a hard time finding a good pair of jeans) that they fit so well!

Hat – Nastygal | Blouse – Zara | Jeans – Tularosa via Revolve Clothing

Still looking for that dress to wear for the new year?
Well, this is the only place you should be looking at – Revolve Clothing’s SALE, I promise.


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