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14 April 2015

This month, I am working together with Tampines 1 to pull together a couple of stylish work wear looks from G2000! I have never tried office wear before (except during my final year projects days back in school…), and I honestly don’t see myself wearing formal wear anytime soon so putting together wearable and stylish work outfits was, I gotta admit, a little challenging. Would you wear them? If you do, which and what industry are you from?




This is for when you’re out and about going for meetings… You want to be comfortable and yet still look professional when meeting clients!






Jacket S$169, Button Down Blouse S$53, Black Pants S$69.00

Or you can just throw a blazer over if you need to look extra smart! A jacket always works, trust me. This look screams strong and independent. In my opinion, I think it is worth investing in a great pair of pants and jacket. Having a good suit on feels like wearing an armour… It makes you feel good and confident, like you are ready for anything!





Lace Blouse S$56, Black Skirt S$59

On certain days, you just want to ditch your pants and show some legs. Just make sure you pick a skirt that is of a decent length though! Here, I pick a slightly tulip shaped skirt that frames your hips nicely. Paired it with a cream blouse with a little lace details on the sides, keeping the whole look very feminine and classy still!





Knit Blouse S$59, White Flare Skirt S$63

The last outfit here features a really bright orange knit top paired with a white flare skirt. I don’t know about you but this outfit here looks like the perfect teachers’ get-up to me…. Very sweet and demure but still very decent and stylish! I actually think this look is the most wearable out of all; it works for all the ladies in the creative/ PR/ marketing industry where you girls do not need to be in pants and blazer all day long! To smarten up the look, just switch the knit top into a crisp blouse!

I don’t think I have ever shopped in G2000 before… It was mostly just accompanying my mom there when she does her shopping but now that I have truly shopped at Tampines 1 G2000, I have to say that it is really a go-to place for all you OLs reading this. I would say they carry a lot more formal clothes than causal working clothes so if you’re looking for a blazer, a good fitting pants, the little formal black dress… Try G2000!

Photos by Harald Harold.

10 Tampines Central 1
#02-12/13/14/15 Tampines 1
Singapore 529537


Anyway! ATTENTION ATTENTION – If you’re an eastie or will be around the east area, come on down to Tampines 1 on 17 April, next Friday from 6 – 9pm because there will be a fashion party happening then where you can enjoy 20% storewide discounts at various shops such as Topshop, Forever New, MDS, Etude House etc. and I’ll be there to give style tips throughout the night so come on by and say hi and help yourself to irresistible canapés while you shop!

See you then!

To stay updated on all Tampines 1 updates, follow Tampines 1 on Facebook and Instagram, and on their Website and Mall Blog.


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9 April 2015

Had to honour of attending the bridal couture runway show by Le Grand Wedding & Z Wedding some time back at W Hotel Sentosa!


Here I am wearing this gorgeous floral dress by The Closet Lover. This dress hugs me perfectly at the right places!






The whole collection features modern cuts with a myraid of necklines and vintage lace that provides the elegant twist that brings back the 70s. The gowns also embodies love, beauty and desire, with rich fabrics that drape on the body with seamless details, creating a luxurious cut.


It was such a glamourous and romantic show. The weddings gowns are incredibly beautiful and are not your usual, boring, on the racks kinda gowns. I found myself checking out each and every piece and taking down a mental note on which dresses I would like to wear on my very own wedding day, ha! From the mermaid dress to the princess cut, to the ones with a plunging neckline and backless gowns… Definitely not easy to pick just one favourite. I remember telling my friend that I aim to wear as many wedding dresses as possible hahaha hey, a girl can dream right?!

Le Grand Wedding

Z Wedding




I was invited (and persuaded) to try out eyelash extensions about a month back (right before my Bali trip) and was contemplating for the longest time before setting my heart to it. I have heard so many awful stories about eyelash extensions e.g losing all your natural lashes, and I do not ever want to experience that because ok secret fact #1, I am pretty proud of my real lashes.

This is going to sound very narcissistic but I do have pretty long natural lashes and they aren’t sparse as well! So why you ask – Why do I still want to risk losing them? Why do I still need extensions then? Well the truth is, I do not need it, really. I just wanted it. Because you see, even though I have eyelashes, they are all straight and really ugly if I don’t curl them and I just truly wanted to experience waking up with curly, gorgeous lashes.


Initially when Devonshire EyeDesign, located at 113 Devonshire Road, contacted me, I was a little skeptical and asked the poor marketing lady so many questions. Haha and then I went on to see the lashes they did for others and they all looked pretty awesome so I decided to give it a try myself. And I have never regretted my decision ever since.

I do not know if this is the same everywhere else but the single lashes (I did only 100 lashes because I wanted it to be super natural but I’m definitely going for more the next time I am there!!) that EyeDesign did for me are so soft and light that I don’t even feel them on my lids! I also drifted in and out of sleep during the 1 hour procedure… No pain at all!!

My girlfriend told me after that she did her lashes somewhere else and it was so heavy and it hurt so much to even open her eyes after the procedure… The lashes were just giving her a real bad time that she went back on the very day to remove it. So bummed to hear that, isn’t it?! Thank god my virgin experience went really smoothly!


Really like the interior of the salon as well… It is so cosy and makes me feel all calm and at peace!



Here I am, barefaced with only brows drawn (they said no eye make up should be on) right after the procedure, with my Japanese eyelash-ist, Momo! She is so gentle and have really steady hands…


This is 3 days later when I was in Bali… So natural they are even better than my favourite falsies!!!


And this is a few days back. It’s been almost a month and they are still attached! Some have fallen out but it is still looking good! And my real lashes are all intact still!

The boy didn’t even realised I have lashes on until I woke up with eyes so bright one morning! Getting my make up done now is sucha breeze…. I even skip my eye make up during my off days now! How can I not have done this earlier?!

If you’re looking to try eyelash extensions out, I would suggest giving Devonshire EyeDesign a chance to prove to you just how soft and comfortable their lashes are! Mention my name ‘Francesca’ for 25% off ala carte services while you’re there!

So anyway… Thank you EyeDesign! I won’t be doing the extensions on a monthly basis though, I do miss my mascaras and I think that it is good and healthy to let your real lashes breathe every now and then but it is definitely my go-to stop whenever I am travelling now – Just like how I need to do my nails when I am about to fly! :D


Just wanted to add on something real quick – I have received overwhelming responses on my last post and I just want to thank all of you for reading! You guys really do not need to thank me because I wrote that from my personal experiences and just wanted to share with people who are struggling. But ever since that post, I am quite inspired to continue writing, sharing and helping! Let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover? Might even rope in the boy if anything interesting comes up! I’m sure he will be willing to. Heh don’t tell him I say that!


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