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24 February 2015

Couldn’t bring myself to write this post because i get so sad every time i look at the pictures. Can’t believe this (cause i’ve been to Seoul like 3x in 1.5 years lol) but i actually miss Korea. Anyway, i’m going to share with you my Jeju adventures today! We only spend 2D1N in Jeju so the amount of activities we did are…meh. But it was still really fun while it lasted! Just a lil bummed that we didn’t manage to climb Mount Hallasan due to the harsh weather :(

IMG_1125 IMG_1127 IMG_1132

So we woke up really, really early in the morning and headed to Gimpo International Airport to catch our Easter Jet flight to Jeju.

IMG_1144 IMG_1134 IMG_1146 IMG_1138

Checked out our little neighbourhood and had coffee while waiting for our hotel to be ready! I do not know much but this area that we stayed at is really buzzing with crowd at night, along with so many restaurants and bars! About 10 mins walk to the bus terminal as well so pretty convenient!

IMG_1235 IMG_1239

Keeping it cosy with Supergurl coat at our first stop… Hallim Park!


The boy continuously made me pose and do silly stuffs like this one here. Yeap… Just trying to pluck some fresh oranges *wink*

IMG_1171 IMG_1213

I just had to.



I would say Hallim park is…boring if not for these caves. I am and will always be amazed by these nature creations. Would totally die to go on an adventure and explore them around the world!!

So that’s about it for Hallim Park. It really is nothing much… A little like our botanical gardens i’d say?


Then we braved the winds and cold and visited Hyeopjae Beach! It was beautiful… Wish we went there in Summer though! It will be so awesome to chill and swim and have a little barbecue by the sea.

IMG_0253 IMG_0240 IMG_0246

I remembered i was quite excited and couldn’t stop snapping pictures but my fingers were frozen at the same time it was almost unbearable.



So glad to be able to share this moment with you :*

IMG_1252 IMG_1253

Took a bus back to our hotel area (where all the good food are seriously) and decided to try out Bagdad cafe. It is highly raved among our friedns and online and i’m glad it didn’t disappoint! Bagdad serves pretty good indian food, albeit slightly pricey.

IMG_1257 IMG_1262

Walked around and decided that we couldn’t leave Jeju without having korean food so… I don’t remember the restaurant name anymore, but this fried chicken here is the Bomb!!! BEST whole fried chicken we have had, ever. Waiter told me this is their best dish and i have to agree… Almost every table were having this too so i am guessing it should be easy to find if you just take a look at the menu? Heh


Woke up bright and early the next day to visit O’sulloc Tea Museum! Was looking forward to this so much because i am a huge fan of everything matcha!

IMG_0320 IMG_0419 IMG_1384 IMG_1309 IMG_1324

Really a happy sight and place to be at early in the morning!!! Is this what they call simple pleasures?


#followmeto? Sorry i just had to a shot of this hahahahaha


The story behind this is quite a funny one. Z wanted me to pretend that i’m plucking tea leaves so i did…awkwardly until i saw a swarm of flies right in front of me and i didn’t know what to do so this was me tryna fight the flies with my pathetic leaf before screaming and running out of the frame. *sigh*

IMG_1274 IMG_1282 IMG_1306 IMG_1305

Visited Innisfree Jeju House which is located right next to O’sulloc. I guess the only thing special about this Innisfree House is that you get to make your own soap (if i’m not wrong) and they have this special edition DIY pot mask, which is highly, highly raved by the boss of Missy Pixie. Hahha she told me that i NEED to try it so i bought. Have yet to try it, will update on IG when i do!


And finally…. My only goal of the day. Missing this so badly right now :(

IMG_1353 IMG_1374

Fact: I always get my nails done before any trips without fail. This one here is by Vera Nails!

IMG_0377 IMG_0381 IMG_1406 IMG_1423 IMG_1417 IMG_1424

Right before we took a bus to the airport and back to Seoul! Snuggly jacket from Supergurl and pullover from Wild Peonies.

IMG_1435 IMG_1441 IMG_1446

Was craving for BBQ intestines so we stumbled upon this restaurant along Hongdae… Looks really good with that amount of gooey melted cheese but meh this was pretty disappointing. Wasn’t sure what we were eating at all….. :/


So we left halfway and decided to have something sweet! This injeolmi toast is SO good. I know there are a couple cafes popping up in Singapore selling this but they are so overpriced! Are they any good though?

IMG_0520 IMG_1460

Wandered around and decided to have another heavy meal….. I am a proud foodie (p/s for those who always insists that i do not eat enough, this is proof!!!) but even then i’m quite scared by the amount of food we managed to stuff ourselves with. But then again, who can say no to food? Just a tip for those who are travelling to Korea, download this Mangoplate app and you’re good to go! It is like Hungrygowhere but korean version! I mean i’m sure you don’t really need to use the app since everywhere is food and everything is so yummy (‘cept that dish we had ^) but just in case right?


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9 February 2015

In today’s fashion article, i’ve styled 4 different looks from MDSCollections Tampines 1 that might give you some inspirations for your yearly door-to-door visiting. MDSCollections is known for their vibrant, printed designs and i personally feel that their pieces are Chinese New Year perfect. Even if you’re usually clad in black & white like me… These pieces are surprisingly a refreshing change!

All outfits can be found in MDSCollections Tampines 1.

H15A7689 H15A7704 H15A7691 H15A7739 H15A7743

Eyelash Lace Trim $28.90, Pink Alley Skirt $32.90

A lace bralet never goes wrong. Here i’ve paired a white bralet with lace trims with a pink brushstrokes trumpet skirt for that really girly, sweet overall look!

H15A7747 H15A7782 H15A7764 H15A7774

Catalina Skirting Top $39.90, Asymmetric Wrap Skirt $29.90

This look is the most vibrant out of all, and it also screams happy, don’t you think so? I decided to be a little more daring and playful and matched it the peplum top with a hot pink skirt. While i think this set looks perfectly fine and in fact, really nice but you can always tone it down a notch with a safer coloured bottom! I think this blouse will look really good with skinnies or culottes too.

H15A7919 H15A7902 H15A7802 H15A7815

Fancy Peplum Top $39.90, Draped Front Skirt $29.90

Similar to the outfit above, this is for those who are hardly in colours but still want to make an effort to dress a little differently this festive season. Step out of your comfort zone with hints of yellow! I think the first step for b&w wearers is to try to inject colours to your outfit one at a time.

H15A7925 H15A7955 H15A7968 H15A7984

Striped Cropped Top $31.90, Pleat Front Culottes $39.90

And how can we forget about the pants? Culottes are big this season and they are so wearable! If you’re trying out this style for the first time, i would suggest trying on black culottes first… But if you’re daring, go all out with a bright red culottes! Pair it with a bralet, throw on some heels and you’re good to go. This outfit is actually my favourite out of all! I knew i had to feature this set the moment i saw it in MDS.

Visitings are fun, and a perfect excuse to buy new clothes and dress up all you want (although there shouldn’t really be an excuse for that) but remember you will be moving around and most likely out the whole day so ultimately, it is important to dress in something that you feel most comfortable in. If your outfit is simple, try accessorizing a little or keep it simple if your outfit is the main focus!

Photos by Harald Harold.


Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529536
Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:00 daily

To stay updated on all Tampines 1 updates, follow Tampines 1 on Facebook and Instagram, and on their Website and Mall Blog.


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