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19 January 2015

Remember my post (read here) where I reviewed on a new beauty product that is highly raved in Thailand among all the celebrities, which turned out to be honestly one of my favourite product now? Well, the KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask is now officially rebranded and repackaged all over South East Asia, according to the announcement from K.I.S.S Skincare Thailand, into MALISSA KISS WHITE ME UP SLEEPING MASK.


So what’s the difference between the old whitening cream mask and KISS White Me Up other than the name? The latter has been improved with a new skin balancing system which promises even better results and suitable for more frequent usage!

When I first tried their old KISS Whitening Mask, I was amazed by how fresh and radiant my skin looks like the next morning. And it’s not just me who thinks that it works…. Even my mom exclaimed how good my skin was when she saw me in the morning and said that my skin actually looks good even without makeup. Hee *flicks hair*


I have only just started trying out the new White Me Up Sleeping Mask so even though the brand promises that it is exactly the same, and even better than the previous one, I can’t say that much about it yet but so far, so good! Yay! And because it is a sleeping mask, I usually use it on nights when I’m too tired or lazy because of it’s easy application!


Like the previous product, they kept the same closed-pump container that ensures the cream stays sealed and fresh! All you have to do is to pump 2-3 times and you’re good! No need for spatulas and whatnot – Very hygienic I’d say!

Nothing screams happy when you go to bed late and tired but wake up with skin that looks bright and refreshed! Hoping that the more I use it, the better the result it will have on my skin…. We shall see! :)


Many have been asking where to get all of KISS products, especially this sleeping mask and the all time popular snail white cream (which i love) and if their products are trustable? Well, K.I.S.S SG is the authorized distributor in Singapore so rest assured that you’re getting the real deal! I have finished 1 whole tub of collagen mask and snail white cream and I’m definitely not stopping!


Purchasing them is a breeze too! You can now find them on Quote for a $5 discount off in a single receipt! Hope your skin likes it as much as I do!


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19 January 2015

Holla! Haven’t been updating this space frequent enough but today i’m so excited to share with you visuals from my recent winter holiday in Korea! I’ve decided to split the days up so this is part 1! Anyhoo, i have realised that i can actually eat SO much. Seriously. The amount of food Zhen and i consumed every day were insane and we usually have 2 meals for dinner. Yup that’s right.

IMG_0077 IMG_0980

Found this cosy little apartment in Hongdae through Airbnb. It was located a street away from StyleNanda and really convenient to get to the bustling shopping area, restaurants and party spots! Only downside of this apt is that they do not have a TV and there is no lifts in the building which means you gotta carry your luggage up yourself!

IMG_0078 IMG_0989

Of course, no trip is complete in Seoul without having the famous Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken. I really, really love this. Best thing to have while it’s freezing outside!


Headed to Gyeongbokgung because the boy haven’t been there before. Wandered around quite a bit and i’m not sure if they renovated the place after my trip last year with Sophia cause there were a few areas that looked really new to me… And the walk inside was neverending?! I did not remember the place to be so huge! I was freezing and dying to get out of the palace maze.

IMG_0113 IMG_0999 IMG_0131

Even though a second trip to the same palace will never be as exciting as the first but i was still in awe with everything and the urge to know all their histories and what took place where and how was crazy. Was letting my imagination run wild and coming up with all kinds of scenarios and narrating them out to Zhen. Teehee. Always a fan of such historical places!


Left for Myeong-dong after for a lil shopping!

IMG_1000 IMG_1004

Really spicy chicken kebab.


Then we went back to Hongdae and decided that we should have chicken and beer (also known as chimek (chi for chicken, mek-ju for beer) in Korea) at Kyochon! It was so, so good. A little warning though, one plate of these is enough for 3-4 pax in my opinion. This left the both of us feeling really satisfied albeit a little stuffed. Don’t think i have had that many drumlets before…. Wish they came in smaller portions!


Walked around Hongdae, was deciding if we should get some drinks before we felt a little hungry again so stew we go! Speaking of which, i think we had stew almost every single day. You’ll see!

IMG_0175_2 IMG_0154

Got our coffee fix the next morning before we head to Noryangjin Fish Market for lunch! Soph and i had such a bad meal there last year and i was utterly disappointed with the whole experience but this trip proved me wrong. So wrong! It turned out to be my/our best meal the whole trip and i was so glad that i gave it a second chance.


Just keeping it cosy with my Daffy Duck sweater from Wild Peonies

IMG_1026 IMG_1028 IMG_1031 IMG_1030 IMG_0197 IMG_1083 IMG_1092

I gotta say, however, that it is important to know roughly how much the seafood cost so as to not be cheated by the sellers. And thank god for Zhen who planned and checked everything out. I’m also thankful that our taste are pretty similar – we eat almost anything and everything so deciding on what to buy was a breeze!

IMG_1034 IMG_1076

He even checked out which are the restaurants that are good… We eventually settled down for Hwangje Restaurant (pronounced “Hwang-Jay Shik-Dang” 황제식당, located on the second level of the fish market) which turned out to be the best meal decision ever.


Remember to order their spicy fish soup stew when you’re there!

IMG_1082 IMG_1037

So we bought Flounder sashimi


Octopus sashimi. All that wriggly tentacles…. So excited to be trying this for the first time! It is not bad, but some parts are just a little too chewy for my liking.


Baked abalones.


And the highlight of the meal gotta be the crab!!!!


Guys… This is the legit crab stick.

IMG_1057 IMG_1061

And look at all that roe!!! I don’t usually take roe when i eat my crabs but this… I just can’t give this a miss. There was SO MUCH roe, it was so thick and buttery soft, it just kinda melts in your mouth. Honestly the best i have eaten in my life.


Finally… The spicy fish soup that i mentioned above! Perfect way to end our pretty heavy meal heh i have no idea now how we managed to finish all that food. I remember we were so tired from eating but we just couldn’t stop. Hahah. For those who are planning to make a trip down, do a search on google and you’ll easily find tips and tricks on buying all the seafood! I don’t remember how much we paid for all these anymore but it was definitely super worth it and not expensive.


Went to Garosu-gil after to walk around because i really, really like that place! Always gives me the happy, chill vibes!


Had our latte fix at La Eskimo Cafe! They serve very interesting lattes. Here we have sweet potato latte (my ultimate fav after matcha!) and banana latte which taste a lot like blended banana cake. Love it!

IMG_1106 IMG_1110

Was about to head back to Hongdae before we stumbled onto Softree! Could really do with some right now…


As you probably can guessed… Yup we headed back home after and had dinner. I don’t know how we managed to be hungry again after such a heavy late lunch and snacks along the way but we did so stew it is. Yum!

So that’s about it for the first two days…. Next entry will be on Jeju, Nami Island and the rest of the days i spent in Seoul! Quite excited to share the pictures with you guys! I never knew i would actually enjoy Korea that much, especially since the last time i visited Seoul was only like half a year back?

So till the next post….


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