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27 June 2014

I remembered my eyes lit up when i was asked if i’m interested in going for a food tasting session at Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf. I was super excited because i am a HUGE fan of oysters… Raw oysters especially!!! And Japanese food like my sashimi and unagi! And Oyster Bar & Grill Wharfs offers exactly what i love – Oysters & Japanese cuisine!


I love having my fresh sweet oysters with tabasco sauce but during that session, we also tried it with yuzu sauce and truffle oil and the latter was SO good! Who knew!?!


One of their specialties is their mojitos. I had a really hard time picking just one mojito from their menu because they have over 100 different types of mojito available. As cliche as this may sound, but there really is something for everyone. I picked the Yuzu Mojito in the end as recommended by the host! Loved how refreshing it is!


Pretty cups for the sake!


Grilled oysters in Egg Miso and Garlic Butter. It was a tad salty for the egg miso oysters but i am absolutely in love with the garlic butter ones!!!! Oh gawd i think i really do need some right

SAM_0048 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Sashimi Seafood Salad w/ Wasabi & Sesame Sauce!


Assorted Tempura. I’m not a huge fan of tempuras so i can’t say much about this but i like how it isn’t too oily and the batter isn’t too thick but still…. I really know nuts about good tempuras so.

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Oh my god. I was so happy when they served us this huge plate of unagi. Totally not stingy on their serving!!!!! I LOVE GRILLED EEL!!!! Definitely ordering this when i’m back at the restaurant!


Oden Moriawase. Really tasty and rich bowl of soup with ingredients such as japanese radish, fishcake, burdock, konnyaku, potato, tofu, yam, chicken and egg!


Good ol’ sashimi sushi! Love how the sashimi and scallops tasted so fresh and sweet!


And of course, how can we end of the meal without desserts? I will always have space for desserts no matter how full i am hee. I love all things matcha so needless to say, i really enjoyed my scoop of matcha ice cream! I was also given another scoop of black sesame ice cream (not photographed) and though i am not a fan of black sesame, i like how the taste isn’t too overpowering and the very creamy texture! But stilllll… Matcha ice cream all day errr day!

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Tee & Bralet – Soeurs | Pants – Wonderstellar | Heels – Korea | Bag – Monoloco (Korea) | Necklace – Bangkok

Overall, i think the food at OB&GW is really good, but just a tad salty for certain dishes… Other than that, i have no complains!

My Verdict: 8/10 (strongly recommend, will definitely return!)

Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf

Sentosa Cove
31 Ocean Way #01-12
Quayside Isle

Robertson Quay
The Quayside

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15 June 2014

I am sure anyone who is familiar with the blogshop scene will know about Blogshopping – A multi label concept boutique store that bridges the gap between physical retail stores and online e Retailers. I have heard about it so often but never actually visited the shop before until a couple weeks back…







I was surprised at the amount of clothes stocked at Blogshopping (they have over 200 new arrivals from different merchants weekly)! Shopping was definitely fun there and such a breeze because now i get to actually try the clothes on before purchasing them! No worries about getting something that wouldn’t fit you nicely which is a problem many people faced while shopping online right?

Blogshopping now has their own BlogShopping Membership Card where you can sign up for at just $10 a year and you will get 10% off the first purchase, 5% all year round and 10% off the whole birthday month. I think it’s a pretty good deal if you are one who loves shopping at blogshops!

I’ve picked 2 items myself from their outlet at Far East Plaza during my visit and i love it to death!!!! The sequins blouse especially!

DSC00499 DSC00554 DSC00637DSC00494DSC00559 DSC00643 DSC00546 DSC00501

Not exactly the best open carpark space to shoot at hahaha but i had so much fun shooting!


Blogshopping is currently having a ‘Buy One Get One’ (BOGO) event where shoppers will get to win a free item just by shopping with them at any of their outlets! There will be 3 winners every week, 1 winner from each outlet and they will be announced on Blogshopping Facebook page so remember to follow them there and shop away! Good luck on winning yourself some goodies! X

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