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30 April 2014

Last Saturday saw me flying in to Bangkok for a work trip – I don’t think much people know about this but i’m now taking charge of Dressabelle’s accessories so i guess i can call myself a buyer now! Went to source for accessories and i gotta say (not to brag haha), i LOVE the upcoming jewelleries!!!! Just launched a new collection, fresh from the trip this afternoon by the way. Support #fransxDSBacc heh made that up instantly but yeah you get my drift. I’m excited to see the responses for all the up and coming collection/s curated by me!


Waiting for the plane to take off but first…. Let me take a selfie! Haha this line never gets old


Didn’t manage to catch any sleep before and during the flight so i was dead tired by the time i was in Thailand. But there wasn’t much time to waste so some food to fuel up before work starts! Not usually a street food kinda person but i gotta say the beef balls were really quite good


Went back to the hotel after to freshen up before heading out for dinner!

DSC00423 DSC00442

Necklace i’m wearing is for sale now on Dressabelle! Super adorbs and the colours makes me happy!

DSC00437 DSC00447

And here’s a mirror shot with my colleague, and my new camera. If you are keen on this camera – Sony a5000, click here for my review!

DSC00460 IMG_7188

All my favourite basics in an outfit!



DSC00505 DSC00511

Had dinner at Thon Krueng Restaurant (Thong Lor soi 13). Food were pretty good except that they were just a tad too salty in my opinion. Loved the papaya salad here most!


Don’t think i’ll ever get bored of this country. Anyhoo it is so warm in BKK right now. I don’t think i have ever experience this weather in Singapore before… Really respect all the road marshals man. Can’t imagine the heat they have to withstand in their uniforms all day.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Comfiest airport outfit! Thank god i brought my scarf along though… I was freezing the whole time in the plane!


It was a short and very exhausting trip. Or perhaps it was because i fell ill on the second day… Was feeling nauseous and sick in the stomach the whole day that i was desperately looking for a space to sit down every time i can. Never felt so relieved and happy to be home too. It has been two days since i’m back and i’m still feeling pretty uncomfortable sigh i just hope i will recover before this weekend. The last thing i want is to spend my weekend and birthday in bed feeling miserable.


My friend brought me out yesterday for lunch to try the famous KL Kin Kin Pan Mee (located at 534 MacPherson Road, S368220) and even though i didn’t had much appetite for anything, i’m still glad i ordered this bowl of goodness. Now i know why everybody are raving about this. Can’t wait to feel better and head back to try it again. I’m dying to try the real deal in KL too!!!

So i guess that sums up my weekend… 5 more days before i turn 22. I honestly do not look forward to it… It is true when people say time flies once you hit your big 2 guys. So to all you young boys and girls reading this who are wishing to grow up faster, please… Go to bed now and pray that you will stay at that carefree golden age forever. X

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22 April 2014

No idea why but i haven’t been in the best of moods lately. Maybe it’s my constant stomachaches, maybe it’s my constant cravings for random food but i never get to satisfy them or maybe it’s just my stupid fringe not cooperating with me every damn day. I had a pretty good weekend though – Had a long htht and sleepover with my favourite girl, worked my ass out at the gym, survived the jam to Malaysia to have dinner, partied with a bunch of my favourite people and managed to wake up just in time to have brunch with my folks finally. See, i should be happy… Ok no i’m actually happy. I do have my (really) happy moments but i just feel really meh at certain times of the day and it makes me tired to feel this way….. Meep.









Topshop Cami / Shop Jenith Slit Jeans / Zara Shoes / Her Velvet Vase Bag / Visual Mass Shades
Photos by Yun Jing

Can’t wait to jet off this weekend for a work trip though! Then it will be my birthday week the following week! Wooo. It’s not like i am a birthday person at all but it gives me more reasons to behave like a princess, eat all the cake and chill the shit out haha. What do people do on birthdays anyway?!

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