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31 March 2014










Dress from Korea / Thescarletroom Leopard Loafers / Visual Mass Circle Glasses / TLBB Necklace
Photos by Katelyn C. / Editing by me.

I haven’t been posting regularly on this blog lately and i feel so bad about it. Definitely, definitely owe you guys a big update! I have been busy with work which includes the revamping of this site which…kinda sucks for real. I just can’t decide on a single design and it made me realised how terribly fickle-minded i actually am. This is the perfect example of a #firstworldproblem. Haha. Can’t wait to meet my designer later today to plan and discuss further. Hopefully we can get a new look for this baby site here soon!

Just a few quick updates though…

- I have recently revived my tumblr and i’m obsessed with it! I had it for the loooongest time but was totally not active on that platform at all but it’s back, it’s back! Just realised how freaking therapeutic it is to scroll through hundreds and thousands of photos and quotes… And how relatable they all are. Disclaimer though – I’m pretty suicidal on that platform so NSFW and not for the 16 and under. Hahah nah i’m kiddin’. Follow me there!

- Would you guys like me to set up a #shopfrancescatan site? I have bagssss of clothes (worn and brand new) just lying around in my room and it is taking up way too much space it’s frustrating. But it is a chore to shoot and edit and put them up for sale IF nobody is gonna buy it so… But if i know there will be a response for it then i would gladly do it. Drop me a comment!

- Still selling my 10 months old camera - Samsung EX2F, black in perfect condition. No dead buyers please please pleazeee!!! It is retailing outside for $699 currently but i’m letting it go at $450 with the camera pouch, battery and SD card! Meet ups only. Interested parties please email me at x

Let this week be a smooth one! Love you guys to bitsss x

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20 March 2014


Just got back home from a pretty long shoot! It’s been so long since i did a proper, serious outdoor shoot that is not related to Dressabelle… And damn i really miss it. I really do. Can’t wait to process the photos and share them here! Gonna work hard from now on and bring nicer pictures to you guys. Oh and i’m thinking of revamping this site too so i am definitely needing help and lots of ideas! If you are a web designer or some sort and is keen on being on board, feel free to email me at!


Met my personal photographer, Katelyn, to shoot this afternoon and i am so glad that we have so much chemistry together!!! I was still worried earlier on that we will have nothing to talk about and that it will be a really awkward and unbearable shoot since it is just us two on set. Haha thank god she is so nice to work with! I really cannot be more thankful, sigh


Have been neglecting this space for a bit now and i’m so sorry! Very caught up with work recently but i promise to have more updates like in the past soon! Will be leaving for Bangkok this weekend and i am so excited!!! I cannot afford to go for a holiday for long because of my job so i really treasure and am very contented with all these lil getaway trips that i am having. I seriously cannot wait for the day where i get to travel overseas alone and just wander around mindlessly, meet random people, pick something ridiculous from a menu that i cannot understand and just have a cup of coffee alone and read a book at a totally random cafe till the sun goes down. Go solo cause YOLO. Hahaha. I really hate being trapped here, i really hate it but ah, life.


Outfits by Dressabelle

Remember to follow my instagram & #franstheexplorer for pictures this weekend!!!
Till then, stay safe kitties xoxo

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