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28 February 2014


Another travel pictorials update! This time we are going to the Land of Smiles – Bangkok! Sigh i love love LOVE doing posts like this…. How i wish i can (afford to) do this at least once every month sigh. Any agencies wanna sponsor me trips out of Singapore? Haha



Mandatory on-flight selfie!


Stayed at Berkeley Hotel Pratunam! It’s a lovely hotel, very spacious and the hotel staffs are super helpful and friendly but i wouldn’t recommend you to book your stay there during this period because the hotel is located diagonally opposite the pratunam intersection where the rally is! So it’s kinda dangerous… But do check out this hotel the next time when the situation is calmer!

SAM_5508 SAM_5519

Meet my 2 gorgeous travel companions!!! It is so easy travelling with them because we are all so alike! Especially when it comes to ordering food…. We can haz all our favourite dishes together!!!! Heh


Dined at Di Vino at Thong Lor. This Spinach and Cheese Ravioli is SO good!!! I love ravioli!

SAM_5523 SAM_5526

I also really enjoyed this 4 flavours thin crust pizza!

SAM_5507 SAM_5541 SAM_5537 SAM_5540 SAM_5528 SAM_5542

Met my friend after that to have drinks together and some catch up! Every single time i’m in BKK, i always have the urge to learn how to speak thai! Somehow the language and accent really appeals to me…


Got dragged up early next day to prepare for some groceries shopping and shopping at Chatuchak!

SAM_5590x SAM_5552

Good lighting calls for some selfies heh.


We headed to Big C to do our groceries shopping and can i just take a moment to say how freaking lucky we were? I can’t imagine if we reached or left Big C slightly later, we would probably witness the explosion that happened right outside Big C which killed 2 children. I can still remember when we walked towards the intersection where the rally were, i still exclaimed how carnival-like it was and i still wanted to shop at those street stalls. Sigh… So guys, the situation there might look quite peaceful at times but you will never know you know…. Plus there are more and more explosions happening so really, please be careful!!!

SAM_5585 SAM_5594

Anyway we rushed back to the hotel after avoiding the explosion outside Big C and headed to Chatuchak! Which was bloody warm and crowded by the way.

IMG_4872 SAM_5599

Back to the hotel to wash up before getting ready for the night! Gorgeous gorrrrgeous necklace from Alive & Live! Will post a better picture on my IG soon. The colours are beautiful!


Had dinner at the famous T&K restaurant located at Chinatown! The food here are cheap and tasty. The only thing i really hate about this place is probably that there are so many roaches around!!!! UGH can’t stand.


Headed to After You for desserts! Here we have the Banana Crumble….


The famous Thick Hazelnut Toast….


And this Chocolate Lava Cake!


Just look at how gooey the chocolate is!!!! The desserts are reaaaally good. If you have the chance, and spare stomach space after dinner, remember to check out After You Dessert Cafe located at Thong Lor Soi 13, J Avenue.


Oh right here’s a picture of the necklace in colours! How pretty is it??!?! And before i forgot, i got this cream tweed top from The Nine Dame! I love how it is so versatile! You can either dress it up or wear it out causally.

SAM_5630 SAM_5635

Went to House of Beers to chill further because the night was still young… And because the road beside our hotel was blocked so we decided we should stay out a lil longer!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset SAM_5637 SAM_5644 SAM_5647

Some selfies early in the morning again before a bit more shopping and catching the flight back to Singapore! The soft white mesh blouse that i’m wearing is from ShopJenith!

SAM_5652 SAM_5655 SAM_5653

Had really bad dinner before flight so after we landed in SG, X brought us to Kko Kko Nara for some really good stews, rice cakes and chicken!!! Yum! Kko Kko Nara is located at 57 Tras Street and are opened from 5pm – 4am! New supper place maybe…? Haha.

So i guess that’s the end of my short trip! Didn’t shop much, didn’t take much photos… But i had so much fun sigh i really want to be back in BKK. I want to explore places the locals go to, i want to go to the countryside to hike and see sceneries, i want to attend their local arts and fashion events…or the fleas. Meep. I really pray for Bangkok to be calm and peaceful again.



I’m looking to sell my camera (Samsung EX2F, black). It is about 8-9 months old. Compact, has a good grip, has a flipscreen and wi-fi function which is awesome for selfies!!!! For more specs, click here. Most of the images you see on this blog and IG are from my camera so clear pictures assured! Comes with battery, SD card, lens cap and a camera pouch. It’s retailling outside for S$699 currently but i’m letting it go at S$480. Reasonable negotiations are welcomed! If interested, please email me at, thank you!

Have a good weekend ahead and like how the Thais like to say…..
Sawadee ka! x

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22 February 2014



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