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29 May 2013

So i get a lot of questions about how to become a model, what it takes to be a model, how is it like being a model… really often and i decided to do a post on it finally. Or maybe a series of post on it if possible or if this post gets too long.

Alright so the first question i ALWAYS get is how i became a model.

Well my first job as a model is actually not for any blogshop but for a commercial shoot for a sports band ad.


If i’m not wrong i think was 17 or 18 then… Hehe it was a huge deal for me even though it’s a small assignment. I was both really excited and scared at the same time. Excited because my dream to shoot commercial and have it up on shops came true and scared because i wasn’t sure if i’m able to do the job well.

If you know me then, well i was slim but i had a chubby face so i was really really self-conscious. I mean believe it or not, i still am now but it was way worse then. I was in contact with this agency (which was a manager of a local female chinese actress then) and they somehow saw a resemblance between me and her and they really wanted me to be on board and wanted to groom me here and overseas and hopefully, one day be an actress too. But because i was still young then, my parents were super against the idea of it so i secretly stayed in contact with that agency while they kinda groomed me up, did test shoots for me pretty often and brought me around. They even got me an interview with Mediacorp’s CH 8 director (i think?) but i was super soft spoken so i failed that interview badly but they decided to use me as a calefare for a CH 8 9pm show, Tales of 2 Cities if i’m not wrong? And even though i only had 1 sentence to say for my role, it was a pretty huge thing for me already hahahahahaha

Ah i am really easily contented.


Ok moving forward….

During that period, i also started modelling for a shop online called Nicole Then Boutique (NTB) which sells vintage clothings. This was the first shop i modelled for and this was the start of my modelling career….somehow.

194421_192974364077403_148112588563581_462812_4156939_o 5477421595_001c282b98_b

You can see more photos at the bottom of this post (here). I was clueless about makeup (all i had on was mascara and lipstick, sometimes anyhow smear on eye shadow LOL but thank god for good skin then!!!!!), i was stiff, i didn’t know how to pose, i was self conscious, i had stubborn bangs, i didn’t know what’s my good side/angle etc etc and i couldn’t figure out why Nicole wanted to use me. But i’m not complaining. I’m super thankful towards her. I am able to do what i do now all because of her. So again, thank you N <3

I remember i used to camp at her website and her webstore every day, checking out my own pics and go “oh shit i look so bad i pray no one will shop here please (LOL IM SORRY)” or “mmmm not bad i like this angle and my face looks small… *right click save pic*” hahahahaha i’m not kidding. I was really happy with what i was doing then. I felt special. Like someone finally noticed and appreciated me and was willing to give me chances even when my own parents didn’t think i could do it.


Ok moving forward again……

I was a crazy shopaholic online and the shops i often frequent during that time were Her Velvet Vase, TracyEinny, My Spring Fling, Wonderstellar etc but my favourite out of the lot is The Scarlet Room. I love this shop even until now by the way. Hehehe

I remember it was year end a couple years back, TSR was looking for a new face so i decided to pluck up my courage and send in my photos i took for NTB. I didn’t had much hopes in it, i just wanted to try and if i wasn’t called then i’ll just forget about all of it. But to my surprise, Annie, the owner replied me and asked me to go down to their office for an interview and test shots.

I WAS SO THRILLED. So freaking happy you cannot imagine.

The interview went well…i think but i knew she picked a few others as well so i was worried and for the subsequent days after the interview, i prayed so hard that she will call me back with good news and all the other girls that were selected for the interview either didn’t turn up for it or were too girly for TSR or they just didn’t look right (LOL I’M SORRY AGAIN).

And she did.


My first shoot with her was really quite scary. Like i was soooo intimidated by her and Amanda W. (their long time model). But i knew i had no choice and i really wanted it so badly so i threw all my insecurities behind and just pose lor. Hahahaha i cannot explain how is it like but it’s really not that easy but yeah it got better slowly.

Even though i had a lil “practice” over at NTB but it was still really uncomfortable to do poses, to face the camera and not give an awkward face especially since i wasn’t allowed to smile. To those who think modelling is easy, think again. Oh i shall leave that to talk about later…


And hahahahhaha i look so awkward

I slowly bonded with Annie and Amanda and for every shoot, i always tell myself to be at my very best state because i never want to stop modelling for TSR. It’s like a freaking dream come true. Ok a second dream. I mean hello i’m modelling for my favouritest shop?!?!?!?!!!!!!


I just want to lie and roll around their clothes all day long and also because i love TSR so much, i think i spent all my pay for every shoot on their clothes. I swear. Even Annie had to control me and talk me out not to buy them sometimes hahhahaa

I was semi-exclusive to TSR and i made a promise to Annie that i will never model for another shop that has the same style and swag as her’s so months went passed and one day…………



*to be continued*

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28 May 2013

Holla! Gonna talk about my new hair colour again… Ok not exactly new new since it’s not like i did a crazy colour. So a couple weeks ago, i visited Salon Vim Bugis (because the one at 313 Somerset was closed for renovation) and had my hair coloured!

If you realised here and in my previous post (here), my matt ash brown was fading off with streaks appearing again (damn i really regretted dying my hair red previously ugh the colour seems to take forever to get rid off!!!!) so Luis, my stylist picked a darker shade of matt brown from their spring/summer colours, of course, this time round for me


I really like my previous ash brown colour with the slight ombre underneath SO MUCH but because of work and how my hair couldn’t hold light colours for long, i had to go slightly darker. Oh and i didn’t do highlights or inner ombre this time round too

IMG_4895 IMG_4892

Waiting waiting~~~ My first time at the Bugis outlet! So crowded that day and i was lonely


And then…….. TADAH!


Turns out i really like this shade of brown as well. It looks dark indoors and pretty light outdoors or under sunlight which is awesomeeee. I also really like how they curled my hair differently this time round!!! I wish i can have it permanently….


I was rushing for time that day so i only managed to dye my hair. No treatment but please take a moment and check out how healthy my hair looks!!!!!


This was taken 2 days after!


Have been meaning to go back to trim and do treatment (i think i’m secretly addicted to it) but i either don’t have the time or Luis is fully booked. Why you so busy Luis!!!


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Salon Vim
313 Orchard Road
T: 68847757 / 68847767

Anyway after getting my hair done that day, i rushed down to Bangkok Jam at Wheelock for dinner! It was my first time there and honestly i wasn’t expecting a lot from them since it’s not like authentic thai food……or is it?


Ok le random huge face selfie appears ~~~~

IMG_4912 IMG_4910 IMG_4914 IMG_4916 IMG_4919 IMG_4922 IMG_4924

Fried Bee Hoon with Crab Meat, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry, Fish Cakes, Sambal Kang Kong, Chicken Wings

I’ve heard bad reviews about them, especially their fusion dishes, but the ones we order were not that bad surprisingly. Price wise, its a lil expensive for thai food but i think it’s still acceptable considering you’re eating at Orchard. If you are there, please do yourself a favour and order the Chicken Wings!!!

I wouldn’t say it’s the best thai food in SG (i love my Diandin Leluk at Golden Mile and Ah Loy Thai best) but it’s still yummy! Or maybe cause i was really hungry that day mmmmm.

Bangkok Jam
501 Orchard Road
#02-04/05 Wheelock Place

Where do you always go for thai food?

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