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26 April 2013

Loves shopping? Have a blog and want to earn money at the same time?

Dressabelle Affiliate Program

What it does
- Earn 7% per sale for anyone you referred (all sales within 1 month of clicking on your link/banner)
- Get $10.00 immediately just for signing up!
- $50.00 minimum cash out. It is easy to earn this as dressabelle has a large inventory and lots of product variety! They launch 8 times a month!

- Dressabelle operates a full fledged fully automatic referral system
- All banners are created for you, just copy the code and paste! Easy!
- Put it as a blogpost, select any product thumbnail from thousands of products, or simply add it at your side bar and start earning.


How to sign up?
- Go to
- Sign up for an affiliate account and log in
- Fill in all relevant details including bank account within 1 minute!
- Access the “banners and ads” icon to choose between banners or product ads
- Copy the code and paste in your blog! Good to go!
- Have lots of friends on your contact list? launch an email campaign instead!

Have fun shopping and earning kachings!!! X

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15 April 2013


So last week, B from The Closet Lover sent me this really pretty dress…

SAM_0210 SAM_0269 SAM_0272

I don’t usually wear dresses THAT often but when i tried this on, i fell in love immediately. What i love about this is the mid-waist details! Like sexy but in a subtle way. Less is more guys, remember that.


And it looks really expensive… My sis saw me wearing it and she said “Eh nice leh why you order from asos never tell me??” Haha and when i told her its from TCL and it’s their latest manufactured piece she was like….


Ok wait… she didn’t exactly say that. If not i’ll be doing a meme of her saying that haha. But she said something along that line and asked me to let her to try it on. There’s 2 other colours, pink and green but we are both into blue right now so i guess sisters always have the same taste?


I think this is the puuurrrfect dress for dates. You wanna show off your feminine side while not trying too hard to be sexy at the same time. Ah and it’s so flattering! I don’t have an awesome, curvy figure so most dresses in this kinda cut will make me look like a stick but i’m so surprised this doesn’t!!!!


So are you itching to get this already?

Well good news is, i’m teaming up with The Closet Lover to giveaway this lovely dress to one lucky reader to win it before it’s officially for sale online!

A few simple steps to enter this contest:

1. Like TheClosetLover on Facebook
2. Screenshot the page (like how i did in the pic below) and sent it in together with your email address to with the email subject header: “I want the dress on Francesca!


As long as you fulfill these 2 criteria, you’ll be shortlisted for the contest and will be informed via email if you win it so remember to check your mail too!

Contest ends 16/04 3pm. Goodluck!

And for those who do not win, you’ll be entitled to $1.50 off every manufactured item (pssst a lil birdie told me there will be 5 manufactured items coming up!) purchased in their launch tomorrow, 16/04, 830pm.
Just quote “Francesca” at check out! Discount ends 22/04.

Instagram: @theclosetlover

Pretty dresses for everyone!

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