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28 March 2013

Finally got the time to upload the pics from ReStore II! Didn’t take much photos that day. I was practically stoning and eating non-stop during the whole time…. But not too bad for my first ever flea!

Only had 3 hours of sleep before which explains my horrible eye bags and the i-am-barely-awake but still excited face hahaha


Was supposed to reach by 11 but as usual being a slowpoke, i reached at 1pm-ish hahaha and i was suprised by the crowd when i reached! I didn’t think people would actually wake up so early to shop???!

IMG_2762 481986_10151374070380897_1477406780_n

With Ivan! 

And his gf!
552123_10151374070180897_638206361_n 551959_10151374073165897_1470700900_n
Super cute boy who couldn’t figure out whats $10 – $7 bwhahaha

484773_10151374074090897_260272785_n 525093_10151374073930897_1191046621_n 254887_10151374073895897_1442246248_n 543100_10151374074950897_961090644_n 392804_10151374074905897_255461931_n

And cutest baby with the most squishable cheeks goes to this lil one!!!!

Our 30 seconds conversation with the mom:
Us: Can we take a photo of your baby??? *squeals*
Mom: Haha ya sure!
*snap* *snap*
Us: Awwww so cuteee i wanna pinch his cheeks!!! Thank you hehe
Mom: No problem, that’s 10 bucks.
Us: LOL -____-

578198_10151374074220897_2038171294_n 62991_10151374074385897_1357575013_n 486079_10151374074255897_1984331668_n 599733_10151374074700897_642884796_n

I was really really happy that day to have both my favourites with me. Believe it or not, even though i’ve been with Jens for so long, he and Eli (who is my bestest and closest gf to heart, who knows me inside out) have never really talked or try to know each other before. So when they both agreed to go to the flea with me i was BEYOND happy. Don’t know why both so anti-social HMPH this stupid boyfriend forever don’t wanna socialise with my friends one lor????


Thank you to the bf for getting up early, helping me with all my barang barang, getting me food, sending me to and fro and just taking care of me the whole time ♥


And thank you bby for agreeing to share a booth with me even though you hate fleas to the maxxxx and just being such a sweetheart, as usual. I won’t even have this chance to hold a flea without you, and even if i do, it wouldn’t be fun without you around ♥


Random OOTD with my chair hahaha


Sent Eli back and went for a heavy dinner….and black ball. (Have you guys tried this good shit yet?!!?!)

Wanted to snap more pictures after this but everything was a blur after….
Anyway for those who came down, thank you!

I actually like doing fleas even though it’s kinda tiring and sometimes quite boring ah honestly…. Can’t wait for the next time!

Have been feeling really down lately…. like i’m not good enough. I’m sick of everything, not referring to life or the people around me but myself. Like what i’m doing, what i have to do, etc etc.. I’m also feeling really (i don’t wish to use this word but i can’t think of any other substitute) ugly recently. Like you know how sometimes you’ll have your bad hair/ bad face day and then you just feel super ugly and not want to take any pictures or even go out? Yup. That’s how i feel. Except that i’ve been feeling that way for the whole of this week already……. I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s definitely doing me no good. Sigh. Plus exams are coming in a month’s time, intensive revision classes are starting next week. Everyone around me are halfway done or almost or even, finished with their revisions but me? I only did half a chapter of notes for ONE module so far. I’ve 5 mods. I know i know i only have myself to blame but………..


And one last thing!!!
Formspring will be gone by the end of this month so i’ve set up another account for you guys to ask me questions! 
Shoot right awayyyyyyy i could use some company and talk to you guys xoxoxo have a great long weekend! ♥

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24 March 2013



For this advertorial i picked out this super cute red cropped top

IMG_3030 IMG_2985

Can you please check out the cute lil champagne glasses?! Hehehe. I believe everyone needs a top like this for your casual chillax day. This Raizel top comes in peach and light blue too!

IMG_3078 IMG_2912

Picked this dress as well cause it’s so pretty!!! It’s almost similar to the super popular off shoulder tops that were everywhere awhile ago (i love them!!) and when i saw this dress, i knew i had to have it. Can’t wait to wear this out next weekend!!!

Pretty Faustine dress is also available in white too!


Oh and another favourite! I love pairing skirts with knit or just any loose plain top with boots! But i love it even more if my skirt has a unique shape or print. Love love love pretty printed stuffs!

Varanese skirt comes in 2 other prints too!


And before i forget, i’ve a special discount code just for you guys…..
Enter “FRA8” before checking out for 8% off your total bill!


Hope all of you are having a good Sunday so far! Mine was pretty chill… Did grocery shopping (my undying love for supermarkets….i can spend hourssss there hahaha) and TV shopping earlier on with J and then home for some home-cooked korean food! And now i can’t think of any other better way to end your weekend other than shopping! New clothes to chase away your monday bloooos yay

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