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29 January 2013

Just a random post with a surprise below (!!!) and also i’m urgently looking for a pair of heels….
image[3] (3) image[1] (3)

Last week when i was stranded at Ubi before shoot… Finally seeing the sun after daysssssss of non-stop rain so i was feeling quite happy and decided to camwhore hee


Super chio and loud sequins top coming to you on We are Rubbish soon!!
Should i get it too???


Busy taking photos of………..

image[6] (2)

2 or 3 months old (?) chubbycheeks!!!

photo (3)

Ok if you are on my instagram (@itsfranxcesca), you would have seen my pic that i posted today with slight purplish hair with curls. I know some of you approved of it (yay) but sorry to say……………………. It was just a colour filter and temporary curls hahahahaha. But i’m so happy people are liking it!!!! I personally loved it too but i am scared…. Should i get my hair permed for real??! And get rid of my black hair??

image[5] image[7]

A saturday humble brunch i made for J and myself! I really enjoy cooking but i’m a terrible cook and this is probably the best i can manage hahaha. I shall attempt something else the next time! Gimme some brunch suggestions!!

photo (4)

And this was from today’s shoot. My temp curls are loosening out by the end of the shoot

image[1] (4)

Hello from the We are Rubbish team!!!!

Anyway we were shooting for the last CNY collection for W.A.R! Coming you way soon! Last collection already before the owner takes a 1 month break so y’all better buy!!!

image (4)

Iphone cover from TheClosetLover! Super love!!!
Anyway if any one of you still remember this ig post….

photo (1)

I’m gonna give this 2 BRAND NEW iphone casing (4S) away! As you all know, or dont know, i lost my 4S last November, just when these customized casings from IndieSin came in mail! Super duper sad because i actually went to find the prints on the casings myself and got the owner to print it for me but now i can’t use it anymore…. :(

So now i’ve decided to give it to 2 of you reading this as a CNY/ VDAY gift!!!

Just leave me a comment below this post, sharing with me what you look forward to this CNY/ VALENTINES DAY and your email address.

E.g. “I can’t wait to feast on bak kwa and pineapple tarts and get fat!!! And my bf is bringing me to the zoo to see the monkeys on vday yay hooray!!!”

The casing will be mailed out in random, no choosing allowed ok? Both very chio la trust me i choose one leh hehehhe. Giveaway will end on 8th Feb 2013.

image[2] (4)

And also, last thing! I’m looking for this pair in size 38/39 URGENTLY!! I know a few sites out there are selling these but they are all either sprees or on backorder and i don’t think they will reach me by CNY so please please any one of you who knows where to get these asap please formspring me, tweet me, leave a comment below or whatever, ok?

Thankiesssss XOXO have a good midweek!

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28 January 2013

The Whimsical Closet
IMG_0740 IMG_0726 IMG_0742

I love how this looks when matched together! But of course R, their model wears them better and with more class than i do hehe. I’m thinking of wearing this for cny! It’s black with gold dust on it, how pretty!

image[2] image[4] image[3]

No need for any introduction.
Every one NEEDS to have a basic cosy knitted pullover. Period.


Lyra Minn

photo image

Wearing their super duper soft and comfy, perfect for that lazy Sunday brunch top

image (2) image[5] image[8]

…and their high waisted skirt! I actually really like this combi A LOT!!!

Lyra Minn’s style is mostly feminine, girly, yet with a dash of fun and charm. The apparels they carry are all very versatile which i like! Their CNY collection is up, featuring dresses of different styles so head over now!

Join their mailing list to get 10% off purchases and get updates on latest promotions and exclusive deals and thanks to the owner, you can now quote “FRANCESCA2013” to get additional 5% off. That’s like 15% off in total!!!

LIKE their facebook page too to get the latest updates too!


I’ve been shopping (aimlessly) for the past couple of weeks and splurging on things that i feel guilty for buying now… Having a headache too cause i still do not know what to wear for cny :( I think it happens to everyone? So a tip to all of you out there who are doing your cny shopping right now and wants to get it done fast, plan and have an idea of what you wanna wear so you will only buy what you need first and and and don’t splurge on something you don’t really need just for the sake of cny!

Some of you asked me where i do my shopping at… Mmmm i shop at normal places like most of you do lor? Hahaha yesterday i went h&m and bought jeans and a knitted sweater! Oh there’s so much knit wear at h&m right now it’s crazy i wanna buy them allllll. Then over to topshop wanting to buy shoes but couldn’t decide what to get so i got myself accessories. Then to zara to get a pair of printed pants! Wanted to buy this super cute cropped long sleeves top but it’s over a hundred bucks and i see myself wearing it once only so i didn’t get it in the end. A lil upset but pats back yay that i didn’t cave in and splurge on it!!!! Btw zara has a pretty good section of shoes on sale now but be quick cause i think sizes are all running out!

Share with me on formspring, or tweet me what you’re wearing for cny ok? Would love to know!!!

Got to go now but first, some BTS bloopers from Saturday when i was shooting for the above adverts hehehe 〈( ^.^)ノ

image[9] image[4] Untitled-1


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