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26 August 2012


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14 August 2012

Just a quick post before i head to bed early tonight because…. School officially starts tomorrow for me and i’ve to get up by 6am. Even though it’s just 2 school days per week but i can really feel that my freedom and happiness are both slowly slipping away

I have so many overdue pictures i wanna blog about… SO MANY until i really don’t know which one i should still blog. Sigh zzz but anyhoo! If you have been following my twitter/ instagram, you would have know i’d partipated in a ChicKissLove: The Fashion Uprising event at Zouk as Lacepipe’s model some time ago! Some of the photos are from CKL!

602543_455614894456258_724709961_n 376304_455615114456236_232757334_n

Crowd started coming in while the models were at the backstage prepping up!

IMG_0067 553479_455617637789317_947551966_n 484589_455615591122855_1256735432_n

Favourite part – Getting my hair and make up done


And then it was showtime! It was my first time walking and i got selected to be the first to walk down the runway omg you cannot image how nervous i was but……

582016_455618451122569_1555785962_n 396056_455618387789242_1369206531_n IMG_0197 481914_455618661122548_1480260251_n

I HAD SO MUCH FUN. Wouldn’t mind walking a thousandssssss times moreeee!

391562_10151314534804546_1972524198_n 378210_10151983362810304_1898033089_n 313229_10151983363170304_1206322067_n IMG_0073

Some snapshots with the beautiful girls and of course not forgetting…..

IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0088 IMG_0163

….to camwhore!!!! Hahaha you know in above photo right, if i cover my ponytail i can totally imagine myself with a super short bob??!

P/S Should i chop off my hair to maybe like my shoulder??


I had a really good time that day, what made me the happiest was that i am given the chance to walk the runway like how i’ve always wanted to (thank you Lacepipe!!!). I would LOVE to become a professional runway model but meh i don’t think i’ll ever have the chance cause i’m not tall enough to???

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