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25 February 2011

“I’ve never known anyone who actually believes that I was enough till I met you. And then you made me believe to.”
“I really need you more than you need me.
“That’s ok.”
“No it’s not, it isnt fair! I’ve places to go.”
“You’ll go there, I’ll just have to carry you.”
“I can’t ask you to do that.”
“You didn’t.”

“Lets just say some alternate universe has a couple just like us only she’s healthy and he’s perfect, and in their world it’s about how much money they are going to spend on vacation; who’s the man and whether they really felt guilty about the cleaning lady… I dont wanna be that man. I want us. You. This.”

“I use to worry alot about who I would be when I grew up. How much money I would make or someday I would become some big deal. Sometimes the thing you most want doesn’t happen. Sometimes the thing you never expect often does. You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. Then you meet one person and your life is changed forever.”

Amazing. Just amazing.

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